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I haven’t posted about 9/11, because, well, what more is there to say, really? For that, I’ll turn to my friend Tony Karon, who has some sharp observations on his Rootless Cosmopolitan blog:

Imagine, on September 12 2001, Condoleezza Rice had jetted in to town to tell New Yorkers that the smoldering ruins of the World Trade Center and the two thousand lives lost there represented the “birth pangs of a new Middle East”… Yet that’s exactly what she told the people of Lebanon as they dug dead children out of the rubble left by American bombs dropped from American planes flown by Israelis. When American innocents are killed, we’re told the event changed the world; when Arab innocents are killed they’re just the “collateral damage” of the turning of history’s gears.

Really, the whole post is worthwhile; read more here.

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