It’s No Simpsons Episode

In remembering Gerald Ford, our nation turns its lonely eyes to TV. We all know that the Simpsons bit where Ford is the punch line to the end of an episode in which Bush the Elder moves to Springfield is primo TV:

A close second, though, is this SNL clip:

3 Comments on It’s No Simpsons Episode

  1. Depending on how you look at it, I think the Simpsons were a lot nicer to Ford then they were to Bush Sr in that episode. For one thing, Homer actually knows Ford was a president. Also, the Simpsons make Ford out to be a “man’s man” president. he watches football and eats nachos. It’s sort of a fitting tribute to a president that appealed to both the Democrats and Republicans…

  2. What up, homes, glad to see the blog has returned, and in new-and-improved non-Mac format!

  3. Thanks. Great to be back. You know, I’m mostly an Apple-ite, but that Mac blogging software sucked; post evaluating its problems TK. Word Press is much nicer.

    Oh, and Greg: Yeah, the Simpsons were clearly in the Ford camp; in fact, I think they were nicer to him than any president they’ve had on. Maybe Groening’s a secret Ford Republican…

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