Service Announcement

Are there any more chilling words for a New Yorker than “Due to an earlier incident at Canal Street…”? As every subway rider knows, this is the prelude to an announcement that your train will be rerouted through Cleveland and you will be at least 45 minutes late to work.

While we’re waiting, some light reading: Hot Johnny on falling asleep on the F train. Several years of posts detailing Gothamist’s admirable obsession with the NYCMTA (from which we learn that there are a number of surprisingly varied ways to be killed on the New York City transit system). And, for those of you looking for service information, the MTA’s Service Advisory page. Happy commuting.

2 Comments on Service Announcement

  1. as a totally anonymous citizen of these here United States, i would like to applaud the owner and proprietor of Mark Coatney dot Com. I find it to be an excellent source of news, opinion, and analysis. Bravo!

  2. Aw. you know, everything I do, I do it for you.

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