Two Or Three Things I Dunno About iWeb

Longtime readers of this site will remember a strange interlude between my original Movable Type crush and my current WordPress commitment in which was published under the auspices of Apple's iWeb software. A version of that site still survives, here. When I started the site, it was mainly as a test of iWeb, which had then just come out. So, after a year of use, here's one man's report:

Before I begin, I must of course preface my remarks by saying that I am entirely a fan of most everything put out by the good folks at Apple. I am a happy user of the iPod; I will one day be a happy user of the iPhone; and this site is created on a Powerbook. I can even empathize with this guy. So please, Steve don’t hurt me. Because iWeb is disappointing, to say the least.

First, the good: It’s by far the most amazingly flexible blogging software, in terms of design, that I’ve ever seen. You don’t have to know anything about html, css, etc; you just drag and drop and have pretty much complete freedom of the page. In essence, this is a dumbed-down version of Dreamweaver that allows WYSIWYG creation of html pages.

So, you know, that’s kinda cool.

But that’s about it for the the good. Now for the bad:

1) Because it’s a desktop-based software that only works on Macs, most people will only be able to blog from one location, usually their home machine. Not that, um, they’re blogging from work. But if you, say, want to update your site from vacation on an old Dell box in an Internet cafe in Saigon, well, you’re out of luck.

2) iWeb, like most all of Apple products, is a closed system. That’s great when the closed system is a perfect, self-contained hardware/software combo like the iPod. But it’s entirely too limiting when you’re talking aobut Web publishing. You can’t incorporate widgets. RSS feeds from other sites–nope. And, in what’s probably the dealbreaker for most people, no Google Adsense.

3) At this point, iWeb seems to be a bit of an orphan, and mostly just a way to lure people into keeping up their iLife subscription. More than an year in, the only improvement has been to add a ‘comments’ function, which really should have been there all along. Will the thing survive into 2008? I’m not confident.

1 Comment on Two Or Three Things I Dunno About iWeb

  1. you can certainly add adsense code to iweb but u need a software called iweb enhancer to do can add youtube videos,songs or even your own script to work with iweb.there is a open source version for this but i forgot what’s da name.just google it.

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