State of the Union Leftovers

  • My favorite take on the speech comes from my friend Pat Stack’s excellent blog, Stacked. Like all great comedy, “Michael Irvin Breaks Down the State of the Union” works on many levels, and you can appreciate it even if you’re not a regular viewer of Irvin’s ESPN oeuvre (By the way, have you ever Googled the former Cowboys wideout? To paraphrase a so-so line from a bad movie, you may be through with the past, but on the Web the past is never through with you.)
  • Everybody’s all over Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann‘s, um, enthusiastic reception for Bush post-speech:

    But, really, what’s wrong with someone being excited to be in the presence of someone they admire?
  • Was I the only one disappointed in Jon Stewart’s next-day response to the SOTU? Better was the walkup:

    The offending Daily Show Video:

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    1. Thank you for the “Great Comedy” props. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Bachman getting excited, but it was really uncomfortable how she kept her hand on his shoulder for 30 seconds AFTER he had already given her a kiss on the cheek. It just felt really unprofessional, particularly for a member of Congress. I wrote a brief take on this too.

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