The Warriors Come Out and Play

In the NBA playoffs, like in life, the best team almost always wins. Every team in the league is good enough to win at least one game in a series, but the better team will almost always win four out of seven. That’s why the league playoffs rarely have the magic of the NCAA mens basketball tournament; there are no George Masons here.

Not even, really, the Golden State Warriors. Their bandwagon is piled high right now, and everyone wants to portray them as the NBA’s miracle team, but really, this is a better team than its regular season record–the midseason trade that brought Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson made the Warriors quick, athletic and hard to defend; this is a tough matchup for Dallas. There’s also drama, both on and off the court, in the feud between our favorite blogging NBA team owner and his former coach, now with the Warriors.  And you have to like any team that can inspire writing like this.

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