Yes, the Simpsons Did That Bit Before Too

It turns out one of the prime uses of YouTube is people mashing up various TV bits to make their own Zapruder films proving their pet conspiracy theories. Exhibit A comes from Henry Abbott’s fine True Hoop blog, in which Abbott discuses the growing practice of NBA fans using video clips to show that referees are biased against their favorite player. While Abbott’s clearly not a fan of what he calls a “mean-spirited” practice, to me it’s mainly just funny, and in some ways even a little touching, that someone would feel strongly enough about this sort of thing to go to all the work of collecting these videos. That kind of passion from a fan can’t be anything but good for the league.

And, of course, passion exists elsewhere, like in this video (shamelessly stolen from Lindsay Robertson’s fine Lindsayism):

Though, as most everyone will tell you, South Park has already been here.

1 Comment on Yes, the Simpsons Did That Bit Before Too

  1. Hey, nice, my friend just sent me that Simpsons / Family Guy vid earlier today.

    Screw Family Guy. Unoriginal bastards.

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