Ex Angels, CBS and the Battle of Jericho


Somewhat good news for Ex Angel T, of Ball In fame, one of those guys who loves TV shows not wisely but too well: Jericho, the recently show set in a post-apocalyptic Kansas (having never seen the show, I’m not going to comment on how well the producers captured my home state, other than to note that the town map on the show’s Website doesn’t really look like the layout of a town in the western part of the Sunflower State, which is usually much more of a grid; see, for instance, Goodland, KS) may be getting some new life.

I hope so, for T’s sake; the show sounded interesting, and I certainly became a fan of the last doomed show he recommended, Firefly. Still, I’m afraid of getting hurt again, of, like with Firefly, falling in love with a show, only to have it shut down before that love gets fully realized, or, you know, I get entirely sick of the thing. If TV shows are indeed the new novels, this is one of the tough side effects: Novels never just stop halfway through because not enough people are reading them; you always get a chance to find out how things turn out, even if you have to skip the last two thirds (unless, of course, you’re trying to read Mason & Dixon; I’m still trying to get through that one, and getting increasingly angry that it’s such a chore. As one of my former editors once smartly noted, it’s hard enough to write clearly and well without making it a homework assignment for the reader as well).

Still, if the bloggers aren’t able to prevail, and Jericho goes dark, we’ll always have this:

UPDATE via Screens:  Jericho Fans strike back:


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