Today in Random Thoughts

*After weekend in which Bon Jovi played a significant part (and I’m not sure how I feel about that), this seems appropriate. Best part:

Why are we looking for Bon Jovi? Why is he wanted, wanted dead or alive? A spree of face rocking. Estimates vary as to how many faces have been targeted—some say 800,000, some say 1.2 million—but it is accepted as a fact that he has rocked every single face he has seen. Every one of them. We’re not even clear on a motive for this mass face rocking, although there are reports of Bon Jovi complaining of faces that “are so cold.” Will he stop at a million faces? How many will be enough? We can’t afford to find out.

*The Tim Donaghy thing is distressing on so many levels (see, I knew the Suns were Robbed in Game 3 vs. the Spurs (I don’t care what this guy says, that ref clearly altered the outcome of the game) (and I really shouldn’t care—after all, it’s just a friggin’ basketball game, not Iraq or something. On the other hand, I’d like to think the the sport is at least somewhat on the level—this isn’t cycling, for Chrissakes—and my faith, not to mention my face, has been a little, um, rocked. It’s a question of ethics. It’s what separates us from the animals, beasts a burden, beasts a prey.) (And with that, the trailer from Miller’s Crossing, to remind us of a happier, more ethical time:

)) but I’m not sure this, which would require an OCD level of monitoring from NBA fans, is this answer.

*My friend Pat may have hit a new high with this post. Where do you stand on squirrel v. chipmunk?

*My friend Tony continues his fine work with this one.

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