From the Department of Feeding the Hand that Feeds Me

This, from Soldier’s Home, Newsweek’s blog about life after Iraq, cracks me up. The blogger, David Botti, empties out his notebooks from interviews he did with marines in his unit in Iraq in 2003. It’s all interesting, and in some cases moving, but the part that made me laugh out loud is this:

If you could speak to the Iraqi people on television, what would you say?

  • -“I have a ten inch c*ck – just kidding. I’d say Saddam is gone, but the job is not done. Make sure you help us get you a new government, so we can get out. Never become as cowardly as suicide bombers.”
  • -“You owe us.”
  • -“That’s all you had?”
  • -“Look forward to a brighter future.”
  • -“If you’re happy we’re here, good. If not, we’ve won, f*ck you, we did it fast. Your country sucks d*ck and I don’t know why you stay here.”
  • -“Bring me meat and bread.”

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