Escape from Wisteria Lane

Today in the Housing Crisis:

This, from the new issue of the Atlantic Monthly, is interesting–an argument that the coming slums in the U.S. will be located in the suburbs. Yet another reason why I’m going to be kicking myself for not buying a place in Manhattan.

This, from NPR, makes the case for ditching those slum houses before it’s too late.



which is down the street from me, is finally getting some repair, and is both a fascinating story and a reminder that there are still places in Manhattan where you can have a roof (sorta) over your head for $100 a month.

1 Comment on Escape from Wisteria Lane

  1. Awesome article from the Atlantic. My neighborhood back home is a good example of this: it’s just beyond the city fringes and is losing property values quickly, while the school district is going into the toilet. I think it’s a concentric system though: the far-out exurbs will probably do OK, because the type of people who live there are the type of wealthy people who want to get away from everybody else anyway.

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