One of the More Thoughtful Bits of Writing on the Spitzer Thing

comes from Alex Balk, who responds to Susannah Breslin’s fine bit for my corporate lord and master with this:

I was reading Susannah Breslin’s great piece on why guys fuck whores, and this jumped out at me:

Often these guys aren’t just looking for sex. Many are depressed or stressed, lonely or bored, looking for intimacy or a connection, no matter how transient, no matter the cost. One john who was rejected on a regular basis in the dating scene wrote that, in contrast to the women he met at bars, prostitutes saw him as “a normal and charming guy.”

It’s hard not to read that and just be simply heartbroken. The idea that a fellow human being feels so rejected, so unwantable, that he needs to pay someone to simulate an interest in him makes me want to cry. There are a lot of terrible things in this world, but for whatever reason, the idea of loneliness is the one that makes me the saddest.On the other hand, what do I know? The guy could be a real dick. Isn’t it more likely that he’s actually one of these jackasses who won’t let a couple of girls get a drink after work without asking them whether or not he should buy a wallaby? But then it’s just as easy to turn that one back around: Maybe the guy’s that way because he is so cripplingly lonely and sad and awkward and that’s what he thinks is somehow going to help him get that spark, make that connection he so desperately craves.

I guess what I’m saying—or not saying—is who the hell knows why we do what we do?

This is so true. I mean, for instance, who the hell knows why anybody reads David Brooks’s incomprehensible cries for help? Yet, somehow I can’t look away…

But I digress. Balk’s bit really is very nice; read the whole thing here.

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