The Andy and Francine Show

Andy Cohen and his plucky sidekick Francine Dreyfus had their radio debut on WFMU this evening and, God help me, it sounded like a real, great radio show that people would actually listen to. Plus, they got tons of calls, including one from the UK.

Clearly, it’s time to get on the bandwagon while there’s still a tiny bit of room; for those unlucky enough to miss it live, check out the recorded performance here (that is, check it out here whenever WFMU gets around to posting it). Congrats to both of you kids.

1 Comment on The Andy and Francine Show

  1. Francine,
    I believe in freedom of speach and all, but I don’t believe you remember who fought to give you that right. The article where you blasted the milita and all was wrong. Men and Women have fought for the second admendment to bare arms. I feel if we did not have this right people could take advantage of everyone eles. I don’t condone vigilanti violance, but I do feel a person has the right to protect themselves or family. Please dont tread on my rights.

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