1 Comment on Today in Satisfaction: Bjork y P.J. Harvey

  1. Jeff Falkowski // October 14, 2008 at 2:18 am // Reply

    The Bjork/PJ Harvey cover of the Stones Satisfaction is the best cover of that song I’ve ever heard…and I’ve heard lot’s of ’em.

    It was beautifully raw and full of life. Bjork did a great job of powering but not being over the top. PJ Harvey was perfect. When PJ someday is a grandmother, and let’s hope she passes on here genes…if not, what a waste, she’ll pull out a grainy version of this number, throw it in the DVD player or whatever we’ll have then, and let her grand kids see the thing. All she’ll have to tell them is this: “If you wanted to know what Rock ‘n Roll is, this is it”.

    Yup. That’s Rock ‘n Roll.

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