On NonSociety, or Why Those Three Girls Really Need a Fourth

In keeping with this blog’s longstanding policy of talking about things months after everyone else has weighed in, I am now ready to state: What’s the deal with NonSociety, anyway? By this, I mean not that I don’t get them. I do; much like kittens and clean-air turbulence, the women are lively and relatively harmless, and if nothing else, provide plenty of frequent, often charmingly semi-literate updates (MaryRambin’s shoutouts to “Mac’s fall palate!”; MeganAsha’s heroic chocolates) to my Tumblr dashboard.

No, it’s more because these people are so clearly in need of some dramatic direction. These are, clearly, women for whom Sex & the City was a formative text; why, then, have they set out on this enterprise with only three of them? Doesn’t S&TC, not to mention Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, clearly show that there should be four? It’s screwing up the story lines all around just to have three. Three is unstable; two gang up against the one, and there’s drama, sure, but it’s shortlived—even the Three Musketeers recognized this.

My nomination for the fourth? My friend F. She’s already Famous on the Web, and she’s got a history with these girls; it’s pretty close to perfect.

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