Dexter? Really?

Killer Ap: See, the whole campaign just begs for us to make light of murder

Back in the Paleolithic, I went on a first, and, it turns out, last date with this girl; we went to see Raising Arizona. Halfway through the film, my date gets up, says “There is nothing funny about kidnapping babies!” and stalks out.

I thought she was wrong, and that there were several quite humorous aspects to kinder-napping; I stayed to watch the rest of the film.

I’m thinking of this now becasue I’ve finally discovered my own limits. So let me just say, here: There is nothing funny about murder. Though this is spun in all sorts of ways (Dexter’s vulerable; he’s been hurt before; he only kills people who deserve it); still. This is where I get off the cultural bus.

3 Comments on Dexter? Really?

  1. A) That is an awesome story

    B) You chose wisely

    c) All of the above


  2. hi im emily coatney looking for family members

  3. Emily–glad to give any info–you can contact me at mark.coatney at

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