So I Voted

I’m pretty much the definition of an independent voter. I don’t belong to a poltical party. In the past five presidential elections since I’ve been old enough to vote, I’ve gone for two Democrats, two Republicans and one Green Party candidate.

Never, though, have I been so excited, so happy, and yes, so proud, to cast my vote for president. It’s a good day.

1 Comment on So I Voted

  1. If I have to read something like that i am more than happy with the outcome:

    “Republican vice-presidential nominee and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin did not know Africa was a continent, a Fox News correspondent quoted unnamed McCain aides as saying on Thursday.

    They also said she could not name all three countries in the North American Free Trade Agreement (the US, Canada and Mexico) and declined to prepare for her now infamous Katie Couric interview.”

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