In Which A Code Pink Protester Gets Justice, Years Later, Sorta

Spotted this in the Times the other day: June Brashares, the Code Pink protester who was roughly removed from the stands of the 2004 GOP convention after unfurling an anti-Bush banner durning the proceedings, has received a $55,000 settlement from New York City over the incident. As the Times notes, “as of September, the city had paid about $1.5 million to settle 142 lawsuits arising out of the convention,” and the Brashares settlement adds to that total.

I’m glad to see, um, closure on this, since I was there when this happened; the woman was about 10 rows down from me in Madison Square Garden that night, and it was pretty galling to see her get charged with assault on the two Republican ‘floor whips’ who hauled her out of there with such quick force that, among other things, she lost her shoe in the aisle next to me (I picked it up; one of the whips came back to get it about 15 minutes later). A jury sensibly rejected that case last year, and this brings her at least a little compensation for the whole mess.

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