2 Comments on In Which We Learn N’Gai’s Blog Is Read By All Sectors of the Global Economy

  1. Marci is a Slut // January 3, 2009 at 11:35 am // Reply

    Marci Needle has a history of needing more than one man in her life…

    I wonder what the final tally will be this time.. I am a betting man so I will say five (5) boyfriends…. While married….. as the number has increased everytime her husband has taken her back from the last go round with her latest and greatest “Bo”…

    So Marci what was the count this time? How many men did you maintain a relationship with while married?

    Are you going to explain to the kids that you just could not keep your panties on?…

    Hey Marci how about some pictures for the rest of us..

    I notice in the New York Times you did not spend a lot of time talking about your boyfriends..

    I wonder if your Esq. even knows..

  2. All the guys probably think they are the only one when they are getting the naked pictures and nasty emals & texts. Keep her panties on? I would bet she doesn’t even own a pair.

    It’s not a good idea to run to the media trying to look like the victim in a situation where you were the one that single handedly tore your family apart.

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