Yes We Did

On the street in 1938 in Greenhills, Ohio, a WPA project

Now that the barn has collapsed, there are only two buildings still standing on my great-grandmother’s old farm–the farmhouse, a typical, for Kansas, wooden structure that was built in sections over a few decades in the 1890s, and the chicken coop, stone, slate roof, built to withstand nuclear attack, that was built in the 1930s by workers for the WPA. After everything else on that 160 acres is long gone, the chicken coop will still be there, tribute to the workmanship (and, to a certain extent, the excess–I mean, a chicken coop? Couldn’t they have used that stone on the house instead?) of the WPA.

So this, in today’s Times, is of particular note: A rundown of the WPA buildings being demolished, and the counter-movement to preserve the structures. If they’re anything like that chicken coop, the only way they’re coming down is by a wrecking ball.

Also, this, Nwk’s gallery of great WPA architecture, is quite nice.

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