Marilyn Chambers, R.I.P.

The star of Behind the Green Door was found dead in LA today. Here’s Corliss, in an excellent piece from a few years ago on that film and other classics of the genre. An excerpt:

Behind the Green Door, 1972: The film became a hit when producer-directors Jim and Artie Mitchell revealed that their star, Marilyn Chambers, had posed for the Ivory Snow box. But it had more going for it than notoriety. Except for the framing device, there is hardly any dialogue. Chambers’ mass seduction scene, 10 mins. or so, is accompanied only by the sounds of heavy breathing, moans and the occasional audible wince. One of the film’s money shots is given a slo-mo instant replay of the kind Jackie Chan later used for his best stunts; then the same shot in super slo-mo, then in Pablo Ferro-style psychedelic greens and pinks. The last two minutes are extraordinary for a porn film: one extended closeup of a man’s and a woman’s faces as they kiss (and have sex) —as if the Mitchells understood Bergman’s dictum that “Film begins with the human face.”

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