mark coatney hedshotI’m the director/media evangelist for Tumblr; you can find my own Tumblr here. Previously, I was an editor with primary responsibility for social media for Newsweek, where, in addition to conventional assigning/editing,  my big initiatives were the Newsweek Tumblr, as well as handling Twitter, Facebook and other audience engagement platforms for Newsweek.

Before that I was a writer and editor for Time magazine and was one of the founders of its Website, You can see some examples of my projects here, here and here.

I occasionally rent myself out as an editor and writer for hire. I await your requests; please remember that anything involving killing requires a three-week turnaround. Though you wouldn’t know it from this Website-in-a-box thing, I’m somewhat technically adept.

I’m a recent transplant to Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where there are trees and animals, but few great restaurants. You can reach me there, or by email at mark.coatney at

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