Work, Etc.

A highly subjective and incomplete accounting of what I’ve been doing for the past 10 years:


Newsweek Tumblr: Our social media initiative has received some nice reviews

2010: Newsweek’s decade in review project.


Napster: Hey, Is It Really Stealing if You Wouldn’t Have Bought It Anyway?

Washington manners: Inaugural Do’s and Don’ts

Survivor: Confessions of a Survivor Virgin

Annals of employment: How We Applied for a Job in the Bush Administration — and Didn’t Even Get a Rejection Letter

Y2K: Couch Potato: If You’re Not Doing Anything for New Year’s…

Person of the Week:

5/24/02: Abu Zubaydah

7/5/02: Jean-Marie Messier

7/26/02: Erica Pratt

10/18/02: Barry Bonds


Jim McManus:Perhaps an ounce of prevention is too much for men

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